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It's Just Perfect!

Are you looking for that art piece that's just right? Do you like what you see but it's not the size you need or colors you want? Ask me about creating a unique art piece or grouping that's exactly what you're looking for.

The Process
Working closely with interior designers of Hauthaus Inc, that were helping a client find the perfect art for their home, seeds were planted and grew into "Mangrove in Moonlight" (see photo).

The designers provided me with the concept they were looking for:

Subject: a tree with a strong connection to water
Layout: multiple canvases of varying size
Style: somewhere into between abstract and realism
Color: general style and color preferences of the home owner
Feel: brief description about the homeowner such as hobbies, lifestyle and background.

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Testimonial from interior designer.

"It was important to our clients to not only have a piece of artwork that was unique and fitting with the design concept for their home but also to have a local artist create it. We immediately thought of Candice Simpson and her thoughtful approach to each project. She listened carefully to our wishes, put together samples within our palette and delivered a beautiful, individual piece of art that our client will enjoy for years to come!"

-interior designer Holly Bayer of Hauthaus Inc.


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