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Artist's Statement

Bark, leaves, branches - these components of trees are a repeated theme in my work. I delight in exploring unique perspectives of trees and using unexpected mediums to capture what I see and feel when I'm watching, listening to and relaxing in trees.

My love of trees began in childhood. When I wanted to feel peaceful, safe and free, I would go outside and climb a tree. Up in one of my favorite trees, I kept an old Kemps ice cream bucket that contained some of my treasures: interesting rocks, a diary, some photos. I liked to sit high up in the tree and sing, imagining the rustling leaves were an appreciative audience clapping after my performance!

While I don't climb as many trees as I did as a child, I still seek out their company. I feel a sense of nurture, safety, beauty and strength when mindfully observing their shapes and textures, colors and sounds.

It is these feelings, the ones trees give to me, that I want my paintings to hold.



© Copyright - Breeze - Candice Simpson
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